Vigier Guitars and Basses!!!

Catalogue available HERE

First a few words about these instruments...

There are a few things that are shared by all Vigier instruments.

These are:

There is NO TRUSSROD! The trussrod has been replaced by a carbon fibre rod.

This results in a very, very rigid neck that stays straight no matter what strings you put on your instrument, it also enhances the sustain and resonance of the instrument, no dead spots on the neck. Trust me, I've had two of these instruments since spring 2006. The necks are still dead straight, no warping, bending... ever.

When you receive your instrument from the factory, it is set up, and it is also in tune (that is something quite rare here up North), you can go straight to a gig with it. I know i did.

The frets are stainless steel. Stainless steel is A LOT harder than your average fret material (usually new silver), this means that the frets will last and last for a really long time. The fret height is perfectly set up by Vigier's own fret fitting machine. Designed and built by Vigier.

There aren't any high/low spots on these frets just mirror polished stainless steel bliss :D.

All instruments have a hardened zero fret.

The zero fret eliminates the majority of the friction at the nut, there is no "click" sound when tuning. The strings will not stick to the nut, these things stay in tune! There is a "regular nut" also located above the zero fret, made from Teflon, but the purpose of it is just to keep the strings lined up properly so that they don't move sideways when played. If the zero fret wears out it is easily replaced. Again, the maintenance cost is low.

If the instrument has a tremolo unit, it rests on needle bearings. There are no knife edges rubbing against screws getting worn and causing tuning problems. Both the vintage tremolo and the Floyd Rose work in this way. Due to the combination of the zero fret, Teflon nut and a super solid tremolo unit you will stay in tune. Even with the vintage non-locking tremolo there are no tuning issues.

All of these above mentioned features result in a very even tonal response across the entire neck. Also the stability of the setup is great. You set it up ONCE, after that all that is left to do is playing it and when the strings go dead, replace the strings, plug in and play... thats all you have to do.

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