Welcome to the NEWS section!

10.3.2015 New address.....

I have moved!

Tube Sound

Artturinkatu 2

20200 Turku

... is the new address, everything else is the same as before.

20.2.2014 New service price list

I made a new pricelist for the service part of my company, the rate / hour has gone down to 55€/h, there was also minor changes to other rates. The new pricelist is in the "Pricelist" segment, link on the left :D

22.8.2013 Amp news...

The prototype amp that is in the works for it's release later this fall / early winter, has survived its first gig (as expected).

A poor (my digital camera really sucks) sample can be found on YOUTUBE and our Facebook page.

Enjoy :D

29.5.2013 Development........

I have finally acquired a thingy so that credit/debit/bank card payments are now posible, YAY!

21.5.2013 Vigier catalogue available on-line HERE

15.5.2013 New service pricelist, lower prices :D

14.5.2013 A new Vigier pricelist available.

24.4.2013 BIG NEWS!!!

Dear friends and customers...

This news is so big that this page will be in ENGLISH from now on.

The news is, that from the musikmesse 2013 onwards Tube Sound will be the sole distributor for those fabulous Vigier guitars and basses in ALL of Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway). There will also be major updates to this website in the weeks to come so please stay tuned... and as always, if you have any questions, please contact us, because we are here for YOU :D

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